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Most Common Dreams

Meanings of Most Common Dreams

Dreams fascinate us. We study the history and origin of dreams, in addition to the many things that dreams can mean for us all. There are frequent and common dreams that the majority of us experiences at one point or another—wouldn’t it be nice to know what these dreams mean?

We commonly seek to understand these dreams; we search for deeper meaning behind them in the hopes that these dreams can give us some prophetic message. Well, the good news is that some dreams do have a general, common meaning.

You can use these generalized meanings for many dreams to help find a more personal explanation. There are common dreams and symbols, so use these to help make sense of your own unique dreams.

1. The Dream of Being Chased

This dream is one of the most commonly reported. Many people claim to have dreams of someone or something chasing them. Scientists theorize that these dreams are so easy for us to remember because of our heightened sensations while experiencing them. If you have ever had a dream where someone or something is chasing you then you know that sensations—the extreme heart racing, heavy breathing, and that feeling when you know someone is watching you.

While it might appear that these dreams mean that we are anxious or afraid of running from something. However, this is much too literal. Instead, there is a more figurative, symbolic meaning behind these dreams.

Experts claim that if you are having dreams where you are being chased, then you have to look at what you are running from. The dream of being chased allows us to analyze something in our lives from which we might be avoiding.

Anyone who is experiencing chasing dreams should evaluate if there is a major life event, person, or change coming up that they might be avoiding. Coming face to face with this presence will help us sleep a little easier—literally.

2.  I Died in My Dream

Rumor has it that you cannot actually die in your dream. Some claim that death in your own dream is indicative of your imminent death. Often times, dreams of death are perceived as negative; however, there is actually a much more figurative meaning behind this common dream.

Instead of a literal death, think of it as a metaphorical one. Dreaming of death of any kind means that something in the dreamer’s life is figuratively dying—it might be ending, stopping short, or coming to a standstill. Perhaps a job is over, a relationship is done, or a move has just occurred. A dream of death generally represents the death of one thing, and the beginning or rebirth of another.

3. I Dreamt That I Was Flying…Or Was I Falling?

Often times we report feeling as though we are flying in our dreams. Experts claim that flying, and the quality of how we fly, symbolically represents how much control we have in our lives. If you are soaring high above the clouds valiantly, then you must feel as though you are in charge of your life completely. However, if you feel as though you are superman before he figured out how to fly, then you might be feeling a little unstable.

Sometimes we confuse the sensation of flying with that of falling. Many report their dreams of falling to be utterly terrifying, but not all falling dreams are negative. Similarly to flying, falling represents something in our lives that we cannot control. Examine how you are falling—if you are slowly, calmly falling in a tranquil state then you might be letting go of something. However, if you are tumbling down a flight of stairs then you might want to look into something in your life with which you are grappling.

Throughout these dreams, there will be recurring symbols and motifs. A symbol is an object that stands for a larger, much more figurative representation as compared to its literal meaning. For example, money is a symbol for power, wealth, and superior social class. There are quite a few symbols that will be floating in and out of your dreams. Do you recognize any of them?

  • Water—We often have a presence of water in our dreams. Whether it is in the form of a lake, rain, or even a tear, there is definitely water involved in many of your dreams. However, you have to look at the type of water in order to determine meaning. Experts claim that water is representative of our emotions.

    Whereas you might assume that crying means we are sad, it is actually the quality of the water that you should examine. If the water is murky or cloudy, then you might be feeling tumultuous or melancholy. Clear, running water, in contrast, is indicative of a happy and calm individual.

    Make note of the next time you remember water in your dreams. This will help you evaluate your subconscious emotions.
  • Vehicles—Transportation in general is a major motif present within many of our dreams. Regardless of the type of vehicle—bus, airplane, car, or ship—these objects of transportation represent direction. They help portray where we are going in life, and the type of vehicle holds symbolic meaning of how much control we have over our journey.

    These vehicles portray a transition we will be experiencing. If it is a rocky, uncertain one, then buckle up and tackle it. If, however, you are smooth sailing on an ocean, then it is clearly an accepted and easy transition you will experience.


  • People—People we know commonly creep into our dreams. We might feel guilty if it is an ex-lover, or someone with whom we are no longer an acquaintance, but this symbol stands for something different than you might think.

    The people you see in your dreams are actually symbolic of you. Depending on the person with whom you are interacting, the person is symbolic of some form of you. Perhaps you are longing to be happy like you once were, or maybe you wish to be young and carefree again. Dreaming of that person does not necessarily mean you miss them, rather the way you were when you were with them.

Here are other most common dreams and their meaning:


When you dream about animals, it usually means an aspect of your personality, an important situation, a threatening person or your own habit is having a major impact in your life. The images of the animals in your dream represent certain situations in your life that require your full attention.  Usually, there are strong emotions involved when animals are included in your dream, and it is very indicative of the deeper issues that you have in your personal life. Some animals in your dreams may frighten you like spiders, sharks or tigers, which dig deep into your own fears and primal instinct. Animals always appear to be wild and free and this is also parallel to many people’s yearning for freedom and independence.  Animals in dreams convey lots of meanings and it is up to you to decipher its intention.


People who yearn of being a child again or wanting to be cared again by their parents will often dream about babies. The baby in the dream is the baby or the child within you. Other dream experts also believe that dreams are the fulfillment of your wishes. If you want to have a baby or you are planning to have a baby, then you will probably dream about babies. The longing of a person to have a baby will transcend into his or her dream. Babies in dreams may also symbolize new beginnings in your life. Babies also indicate pure happiness and joy.

Being Chased

If you are avoiding something in your life or trying to run away from painful emotions, then you may have encountered dreams of being chased by something or someone. Being chased means you have been dodging and avoiding a person, a situation or an issue. It is also reflective of your personality that you tend to run away and avoid the issue if there is too much pressure or the situation becomes too stressful for you. If you are being pursued in your dream, the attacker may symbolize your own jealousy, fear, anger and even love. You might be projecting your own negative feelings to your pursuer.

Being Exposed on the Toilet

Are you the kind of person who is fearful of showing your thoughts and feelings to a group of people? Are you afraid that your audience would not approve of what you are thinking or feeling? If you are, then a dream of being exposed on the toilet reveals that fear. Toilet in dreams symbolizes your unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Dreaming that you are in public view while on a toilet suggests that you are showing those negative thoughts and emotions to an audience. If the toilet is onstage with an audience, it indicates whether he is comfortable expressing his true feelings or not.

Being Late

People who are under stress barely manage their work and personal life are susceptible to the “being late” dream. There are several meanings for this kind of dream. Being late in your dream can be associated to your frustrations in life. Being late may symbolize your difficulty to make a decision regarding a new opportunity in your life. It could also mean that you are fearful of major changes in your life. Others who usually have this dream may have deeply rooted sadness and regret that they are holding on to because they did not act on an opportunity or they made a bad decision. Being late in dreams may symbolize that you want to accomplish so many things in your life but there is not enough time for you.

Being Lost

Having dreams of being lost is brought about by a current situation in your life wherein you don’t know what to do or how to react. You have this anxiety that you won’t be able to find your way around this situation. You may be moving into a new house and you think you won’t be able to make new friends or you feel that your skills are not fit for your new job. Most of the time, these dreams are work related but there may also be upsetting personal situations that can trigger this dream. These kinds of situations can induce dreams of being lost, which evokes strong emotions about confusion and frustration. Being lost in your dream can mean that you have lost a loved one or a pet and you feel lost also. If you call out for help, it means you are looking for support.

Being Paralyzed

Aside from being chased, a dream about being paralyzed is also terrifying for many. Several factors may bring about this dream of being paralyzed. You may be worried about so many things in your life such as your health, money, relationship, family issues and career. You may be having difficulty in expressing your true feelings, which can also induce this type of dream. If you ever have a dream that you are paralyzed, it may signify that you are feeling restrained from accomplishing a certain goal in your life. It may symbolize that something or someone is holding a part of you back and you can’t move on. Another meaning for this dream is your fear of making the wrong decisions and you don’t know what to do. It can also tell you that things are not under your control and you are confused about what to do.

Being Unprepared to Perform

This dream usually shows the dreamer being unprepared for an exam, concert, play, speech or other important events. This dream usually comes up when you have an important task to do. Perhaps you have to finish a presentation or project for your work. Now this type of dream may be sort of a reminder that you are unprepared for something and you have to move your butt and prepare for it. It may also mean that you are afraid of coming up short and you always judge your own performance in life. This dream can help you be prepared in real life so you can perform better.

Can’t Find the Bathroom

Dreaming of not finding the bathroom arises because the person is holding back his feelings or he has difficulties in expressing his emotions. This dream may also occur if the person does not have any privacy and he longs to have one. Usually, people associate bathroom with privacy and it manifests in their dream. Not finding the bathroom means, you don’t have any privacy in your real life. This kind of dream may also be a manifestation that you want to be alone. You may also have insecurities of letting go but you’ve always wanted to be free of these things.

Can’t Make a Phone Call

Dreams about being unable to make a phone call can come from a person’s need to communicate with someone. A telephone in dreams signifies communication and it tells whether you have problems communicating with others. If you are dreaming of calling someone and you always get disconnected, it means you are trying to restore an old relationship and bring that person back into your life. Calls that are disconnected may also mean that you don’t have a strong connection with a family member or a friend and you feel distant from them. If you are trying to contact your boyfriend or girlfriend in the dream but the call does not go through, it means there are communication problems between the two of you. Your partner is always unreachable and not there for you.


When a person dreams about celebrities, it may be associated with his or her own personal accomplishments. It may also be a manifestation of the person’s longing for more achievements and lack of accomplishments in life. Celebrities may also appear in your dream if you are currently seeking inspiration. If you dream that you are the celebrity, it means you are full of confidence in yourself but you don’t trust your ego. If the dream denotes that you are romantically involved with the celebrity, this signifies that you are motivated to succeed or you are anticipating a fulfillment of a fantasy or sexual experience. If you dream about pop singers and famous actors, it may be telling you to release your self-expression. Celebrities may mean something that is very important in your life.


If you dream about clothing, you may be the type of person who is very much aware of how people perceive you. Clothes in dreams signify how people see you in public and it may indicate the status of your life today. When you wear clothes that does not fit you in your dreams, it means you are not being true to others and just putting up an act. If your clothes are dirty and you are cleaning them, it signifies your attempt to change a part of your character. Constantly changing clothes means the need to change to fit in.


People dream about crosses because they may be contemplating on religion and its importance in their lives. This type of dream is also associated with major decisions in your life as well as religious changes and enlightenment. Even non-Christians dream about the cross because it is a very popular symbol of religion. If you are a non-Christian, the cross in your dream can mean that you are thinking about your spirituality. The dream of the cross may or may not include Jesus Christ. If your dream of the cross includes Christ, it signifies that you may want to do sacrifices for the sake of other people. The cross with the Christ can also mean that you have a sense of fulfillment in your life. Crosses can symbolize your time to enjoy your life. You feel your life is complete but it seems unfinished and you still want to go on.


A person who dreams about death should not be terrified. You may be undergoing a lot of changes in your life today and it is manifesting itself in your dreams as the concept of death. Death in dreams symbolizes transformation, inner changes and self-discovery. A person who is undergoing big changes like migrating to a foreign country, getting married, being promoted or handling a new business may see death in their dreams. If you dream about the death of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, it just means that it’s time to move on with your life. Dreaming about death for younger adults can mean their transition to adulthood and a new phase of their life. If you die in your dream, it means that you are just trying to escape from your daily life routine. Death in dreams is just a symbolic end of something in your life.


People who harbor too much guilt because of repressing sinful urges may manifest into dreams taking the shape of demons. The demons that you can see in your dreams may be your own urges and emotions such as hatred, jealousy, aggressiveness, guilt feelings and even love. The demons may also represent the people around you who influence you in a negative way and destroy your life. In real life, demons represent the evil and bad things and it can be the same with your dreams. The demons can signify a partner who will betray you or those who want to bring you down because they are jealous of your accomplishments. Demons may be a representation of your own dark side or the people around you so you can take this dream as a warning to be prepared and do productive changes in your life.

Driving an Out of Control Vehicle

Dreams about driving an out of control vehicle occur because the person is confused about his own life and do not know where to go. The car or vehicle in the dream represents your own life and you are the driver. If the car is out of control and you cannot drive it properly, it means you are not in control of your own life. Out of control vehicles in your dream can also represent an event or situation that disrupted your usual path in life. Since you are holding the wheel, this dream may suggest that you are partly to blame why your life went off the track. If someone else is driving the out of control vehicle, you may be allowing other people to control your life.


People who are overwhelmed by their own emotions are susceptible to dreams of drowning. Deep-seated emotions and anxieties may be resurfacing and haunting you. If you are dreaming of drowning in the ocean, you might be a victim of social pressures and the stresses of daily living. The water in your dream represents your emotions and you struggle to keep afloat. If another person is drowning in your dream, it means you have become too involved in a situation that is beyond your control. If you completely drown and die in the dream, it means rebirth or new life.


Exam / Test

Test or exam dreams wherein you forgot to study or you fail are fairly common dreams, especially for people who lack confidence and don’t know how to proceed to the next stage of their life. Exam dreams are mirror dreams, which means it is a reflection of the dreamer. These dreams also occur when you are stressed out. Taking an exam in your dream signifies that you are being scrutinized in your life. This dream may also tell you that you have set your goals too high or you have unrealistic goals, which will only set you up for failure.



One of the reasons why you have falling dreams according to researchers is that you might have lost control over a certain or current situation in your life. This type of dream can be a vivid experience to some. The situations being linked to falling dreams can be in one's work, school and personal relationship. To be able to stop the appearance of falling dreams, you need to be confident in your life. It would also be helpful to meditate before you go to sleep. It is also advisable that you need to work on your trust issues so you will not experience falling dreams again.

Falling Teeth

Dreaming of falling teeth is one of the most common dreams. It has different meanings such as it symbolizes change. Since our teeth have different functions such as biting, chewing and gnawing, they also mean power. And if you dream of falling them, it can also mean powerlessness. Feeling insecure all the time can also be a reason why you keep on dreaming falling teeth.  If there are negative meanings about falling teeth in your dreams, there are also positive. One of the positive meanings is that it is a sign of personal expansion. Your dream would like to invite you to other things that might help you improve yourself more.


When your family appears in your dreams, it has a lot of meaning. There are also different instances as to how they appear in your dream. If you see another family in your dream, it means togetherness. If someone’s family that you know appears in your dream, it means that you are idolizing that family. Your dream also wants to remind you that there are people who will come and go in your life but still your family is there. If your own family appears in your dreams, it signifies a lot of positive things such as security, warmth, contentment and love. On the other hand, it could also give negative meanings like bitterness, jealousy and rivalry within the family. If in your dream your family appears not normal, it means that you want distance from them.

Faulty Machine

If you are anxious about making any connection with anyone or someone’s life, you will dream of a faulty machine. Aside from that, there are still other meanings as to why faulty machines appear in your dreams. One is that you might be in a process of trying to operate something but it is not working the way you want it to be. It could also mean that you failed in something that you are already working on for quite a long time already. When you dream of faulty machine, it could also mean that you are slowly losing touch with reality.


When in your dream you are flying freely and happily, it means that you are on top of a certain situation. If in your dream you are having a hard time or trouble flying, it can be frustrating. There might be something or someone who wants to stop you from flying. If in your dream you are scared of flying, it can be a nightmare to some. It also means that you don’t have the right amount of control in your own life because you are scared to fly. This dream of you being scared to fly suggests that you need to concentrate on what is your path in your life. In addition to that, you should ask yourself why you are afraid and needs to understand that you are the only person who can control everything in your life.


One of the most common dreams among all of us is dreaming about food. This has different meanings depending on how the food appears in your dreams. It also depends on what kind of food appeared.  For example, you dreamed of almond, it means total luck and richness. If you are eating the food in your dream, it means digestion. If your dream is you are eating the food with others, it mainly represents how good your relationship is with your family. If you dream of foods that are sweets and desserts, it means that you are currently enjoying your life and also a sign that you are happy. If you dream about breakfast, it signifies new beginning or tasks in your life that you are looking forward to. And if in your dream you are hungry or starving, it could mean that you are in need of something unobtainable.


If you see your friends in your dream, it means that you are having a good time or enjoying yourself around them. This also means that you are having a healthy personality because you have a good relationship with your friends. If a friend that you were not able to see for a long period of time appears in your dream, it means that you are longing to see, talk and have fun with them. If in your dream you see your friend dying, it has a bad meaningas if you are being anxious or insecure with them when they are around. When you dream of another person that is not actually your friend, it represents the other side of you. Lastly, if you dreamed of an ex-friend who happened to be your enemy a long time ago, it means that you are ready to forgive and give your friendship a new chance.



One of the most common dreams is that we dream of God and this signifies different things. If you dream of God, it means you are currently in an emotional situation where you have been asking him from spiritual guidance. Some also dream of God because of the level of their religiousness. Some people also dream of God because they want to interact with him. If your dream with God is in a positive note, you should be happy because it means that he is sharing you with blessings. If you see God smiles in your dream, this also signifies that he is planning something good and better for you in the future. If you are afraid that God keeps on appearing in your dream, you should pray, listen and understand what your dream wants to really tell you. Seeking Godly counsel may also help you in your fear as to why God keeps on appearing on your dreams.


If in your dreams hair does appear, it signifies your attitude. If in your dream your hair is knotted or tied, it means that you are uncertain and still confused in your life. If in your dream it showed that you had a makeover of your hair, it also means that you are towards a drastic change in your life. Loss of strength in yourself is the meaning of your dream where you are cutting your own hair. This also means that someone is bothering or censoring your feelings. This might also mean that you want to reshape your thought in life for the future. And if you keep on dreaming that you have a strong long hair, it means that you have always been cautious about your decisions in life and you do stick on your own plans.


The most significant meaning when you are dreaming about your hands is that it shows how you connect with people around you and how you interact with them. If in your dreams someone is trying to give you a helping hand, it also means that you are in need of help. If in your dream your left hand is appearing, it means you are gracious in your life as well as how you are being feminine. Meanwhile, when the right hand is appearing in your dream, it symbolizes your masculine attributes. If in your dreams it appears that you are holding hands with someone, it means affection, love and connection with that person. This has also another negative meaning, which is you are slowly losing connection to the person you are holding hands with.



When you dream of a house, it symbolizes yourself and the experiences that you had. It represents your sense of personal identity. If you are dreaming about the rooms in the house, it can relate to the different characteristics of your personality. The view of the house takes on specific meanings as well. If you dream of a front of a house, this means your public persona. The identity that you are showing to the world. The back of the house means the private persona or what is hidden. What you discover inside the house will also reflect various aspects of yourself. Side views or other angles of the house may mean presenting yourself in a limited fashion. If you dream of a mansion, it may mean opening yourself to a greater level of abundance in your life. A new house means a new sense of self is coming up while a dilapidated house reflects your feelings in sync with the image.



Real-life hostility and aggression are often the primary triggers of killing or murder dreams. Most dreams about killing may suggest that you are on the verge of losing your temper. It may also symbolize your ill feelings towards someone you live with or someone you work with. In addition, when you dream of murder, it may also indicate that you are afraid of the consequences if you do something. If in your dream you are killing a stranger, it may represent a conversation you had the previous day. It may indicate your guilt of breaking up with an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend. It may also be related to your guilt of ending a long-term personal or business partnership with someone. If you dream about a murderer on a rampage, this may indicate your personal inability to find the reason behind other people’s death.




Whenever you dream about marriage, you are experiencing various significant developments in your personal life. It may also symbolize your desire for a more serious commitment. It may indicate your wish for a serious relationship or you are ready to move in with your significant other. On the negative side, marriage-related dreams may mean your personal doubts as well as your commitment issues. If you dreamt of a marriage proposal, it may mean that your life situations may become worse.If your dream involves your marriage with your former lover, it may indicate that you already accepted whatever happened in the past or your current relationship is exactly the same as your previous one. If you dreamt of an arranged marriage, it means that you feel forced to do something that you do not feel like doing. If your dream involves marrying a person to save their soul, it indicates the sacrifices you made in the relationship.


Missing a Flight

Dreaming about flights indicate that a project is about to launch or takeoff. However, dreaming about missing a flight is often due to your feeling of helplessness or your feeling of being trapped. You may feel like you are restrained or being held back in a physical or mental way. In real life, you want to do something that you have been dreaming of doing for so long; however, there are people or instances that hold you back. In addition, dreaming about missing a flight may also indicate your disconnected feelings towards the people around you as well as your work.



Money symbolizes success, wealth, values and confidence. Dreams about money are some of the most complicated dreams to understand. It may symbolize many things about the dreamer. It may indicate your self-worth or it can symbolize how much value a thing has to you. If you win or see money in your dreams, it means that success is within your reach. You must believe in yourself in order to realize what your dream means. If your dream shows that you are losing money, it signifies your lack of ambition, self-esteem and power. You are currently unhappy and vulnerable.If you dream that you are giving or spending money, it symbolizes that you are giving love. It also means that you are feeling neglected and ignored, as well as you are looking for love. When your dream shows that you have no money, it means that you are afraid of losing your status in the world.



Whenever you dream about mountains, you are experiencing something challenging in your life. It may signify that you have to overcome various challenges as well as major obstacles in real life. If you dream that you are on top of the mountain, it means that you are successful in conquering your challenges and you have already reached your goals.If in your dream you are falling off a mountain, it indicates that you are rushing to succeed but you did not think anything through. It also indicates that you give up too easily whenever you are faced with challenges and demanding situations.


Being Naked in Public

Most naked dreams always involve dreams that the dreamer is naked in public. These types of dreams are often triggered because you may feel vulnerable and rejected. Dreaming of being naked in public may symbolize your feeling of vulnerability. It may even indicate that you are feeling restricted. You feel like you do not have the freedom to do things that you want because some people or some aspects of your life are restricting you. Being naked in your dreams may symbolize that you want to have your own freedom. It may also mean that you want to become freer in other situations in your life.


No One Can Hear You

Dreams that involve you screaming without a sound or no one can hear you are triggered because of your personal feelings of fear and neglect. These types of dreams often symbolize that you are feeling a sense of frustration as well as helplessness. No matter how hard you try to get the attention of the people around you, they still cannot understand or hear you. This means that you find it hard to communicate with the people around you or you feel like your opinion does not matter to them. It may also indicate that you are afraid of confronting something or someone in your life.



Most nudity dreams are linked to hidden sexual feelings. Nudity dreams are interpreted in different ways, depending on what the dreamer has dreamt of. If the dream looked or felt sexual, then it symbolizes the dreamer’s sexual urges. If the dream is just plain nudity, it may indicate the dreamer’s vulnerability. It may indicate the dreamer’s fear of letting his or her guard down and expose his or her weaknesses. It may also mean that the dreamer is afraid of being noticed.


If the dreamer is naked and proud in his or her name, it is a positive dream that indicates that he or she is confident. The dreamer is not afraid to tackle difficult challenges and tasks. He or she is not afraid to fail and is confident when it comes to facing future events.


Partner is Cheating

When it comes to relationships, dreaming about a cheating partner is one of the most surreal as well as disturbing dreams one can ever experience. Some cheating dreams are so real; dreamers can develop ill feelings toward their spouse or partner. Dreams involving cheating partners indicate the dreamer’s insecurities and fears. It may point to the dreamer’s fear of being abandoned by his or her partner. It may also indicate the dreamer’s lack of self-confidence as well as lack of trust. Some of these dreams may act as a premonition or a warning on the dreamer. Some cheating dreams may be a subconscious warning that there is some competition going on around you. It may also indicate that there are potential problems in the relationship. It may be financial or emotional problems that need to be addressed.



Dreaming about pregnancy may send a sudden panic to the dreamer. However, pregnancy dreams do not automatically indicate something negative. If the dreamer dreams of realizing that she is pregnant, it usually means that her personal life is developing and growing. It may also indicate that the dreamer is afraid of additional responsibilities. If the dream involves realizing someone else is pregnant, it indicates the dreamer’s growing relationship and bond with that particular person.If the dream involves that the dreamer is taking a pregnancy test, this symbolizes that she is being tested in real life. It may also indicate that the dreamer may be afraid of pregnancy. If the dream involves taking an ultrasound, this signifies the dreamer is experiencing new phases in her life. It may involve her work, personal life, relationships and more. If the dream involves premature labor, this means that the dreamer may feel unprepared or unready for the new changes in her life.


Radio and TV

Having dreams related to radio and TV are often triggered due to the dreamer’s intuition as well as awareness toward certain situations. Radio and TV dreams may also represent mind-to-mind communications. It also indicates spiritual communications. The dreamer should be more aware and open to any eventualities. If the dream shows the radio or TV is turned off, it may symbolize that the dreamer has the ability to help someone in need; however, he or she refuses to do so. If the dreamer is simply listening to the radio, it represents a one-sided communication. The dreamer may feel like nobody is listening to him or her.



When in one of your dreams a road appears, it has a variety of meaning. If the road that appears is winding and bumpy, it means that you will encounter obstacles along the way while you are trying to achieve your goals. If the road that appears is a smooth and filled with green treats, it signifies luck and means that you are in a steady progress up to your social career. If straight and narrow roads appear, it gives you idea that you are on the right path to your success and you should follow what you are doing right now as planned.


If a school appeared in your dream, it signifies feeling of inadequacy and anxieties about your own ability. If you are already out of school, that dream might mean that you still have unresolved issues during your childhood. If your dream was about you looking for a school, then that means you need more knowledge and learning at the same time. If your dream happened inside a classroom, it means that you have learned an important lesson in your life. The desk that is present in your dream about school means that you are weighing things and evaluating your problems. If you dream that you are having an exam in school, it means that you have a fear of not meeting other’s expectations of you. If in your dream, it is your graduation, it means that you already have achievements.


There are many meanings about having sex in your dreams. If in your dream it appeared that you are having sex with your ex, it means that you still have unfinished business with them but that doesn’t mean you want to get back together. If in your dream you are having sex with anybody with the same sex, it may link with the level of your self-esteem. Considered the most disturbing type of sex in dreams is incestuous sex that deeply means you are transitioning into adulthood or you already want to be a parent already. If you dream of having sex with any of the family member, it can be about acceptance, forgiveness or healing any rift. In addition to all of this meaning, sex on dreams may also be connected on what is currently going on with your life now.


One of the most common meaning if you are having dreams with snake is that you are dealing with something difficult in your life. It could also mean that you are currently unstable with all of your emotions. Sometimes, when snakes appear in your dreams, it would represent your intuition or spiritual aspect of yourself. There 3 main ways as to how you can decode the meaning of your dream with snake. One is you need to look for the general meaning of the dream first. Next, it can be helpful if you will translate the different symbols in your dream into a meaningful one. Lastly, connect all the content of your dream in your daily life. In addition to the meaning of having snakes in your dream, it could also mean personal transformation, healing and repressed instincts.


If you see a spider in any of your dreams, it simply indicates that you want to stay away from any tempting situation. It could also mean fear and entrapment. If a spider web is present in your dream, it signifies that your hard work will soon be rewarded. If in the dream the spider is climbing down towards you from the ceiling, it might mean that you are having a hard time escaping from some relationship. If the spider bites you in your dream, it stands for a conflict between your mother and anyone who is a female figure in your life.

Stuck in Elevator

If in your dreamit appears that you are stuck in an elevator going up, it means wealth and riches. If the elevator is moving upward and hits the roof, it indicates that you are stuck in a power that until now you are having problems how to deal with.  One of the general meanings on dreaming about you being stuck in the elevator means the ups and downs of your life. It can also be linked to the current emotions and sometimes may have sexual connotations. If unfortunately you dream an elevator moving sideways, it means that your work or current career will bring you nowhere.


When you see your teacher either present or past in your dream, it means that you are seeking advice from them. In addition to that, your dream might be giving you an idea that you are going to be on a new path of your life and you want your teacher to give you advice because of his or her own personal experience. There are also some people who dreams of having sex with their own teacher and this means one thing, which is you need to learn more from him or her when it comes to sex. A teacher that is mean can also appear in a dream. This may signify one thing, which is you are putting too much pressure on yourself that you can no longer handle because you want to succeed.


Being trapped in your dream is not a good thing for some people. It can actually be a nightmare to them. If you see yourself being trapped in your dream, it also means that you are already feeling trapped on anything or something you don’t want to feel or do. You might be lost of losing focus on your direction that is why you are dreaming of being trapped. If you are continuously dreaming of being trapped from anything like in a building or car, it might be helpful to check your life if you are feeling something like that. Meditating before going to sleep is a good idea too.


When a car, truck or any vehicle appears in your dream, it could mean that you have a calling in your life that can bring you from one to another. One example of the vehicle that might appear in your dream is an airplane. This has positive and negative meanings. For the positive meaning, it can represent that you are going to move to something or somewhere that would be of a great help to you. On the other hand, its negative meaning is that your dream may lack prayers that will not bring you to your wanted destination. If a bicycle pops up and appears in your dream, it could mean a messenger from either God or Satan. If you dream of a motorcycle, it could represent your personal ministry in life.


Water symbolizes power so if it appears in your dream, it also means a lot. If the water present in your dream is boiling or hot, it means that you are running too high and you need to calm down. If there is splashing water in your dream, it may also mean that you need to wake up because you are unconscious to some things that needs attention. Muddy water in your dream means that you are dealing with your own negativity in life that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, a tsunami might appear in anyone’s dream and it means you are unable to deal with a very powerful force that is already out of your control. If you dream of waterfalls, it symbolizes a fresh new start of your life. Dreaming of seawater also symbolizes your current emotional state with the connection of your conscious and unconscious state of mind.

Look carefully at your dreams the next time you remember them. Can you decipher their meaning?

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